The Keystone Group is a global security risk management, crisis response, business resiliency and special services provider for business and high net-worth family enterprises. With an understanding of the personal, professional, political, socio-economic, cultural and organizational dimensions of risk facing organizations and  people, The Keystone Group is committed to the security, integrity and longevity of its clients and their interests. Headquartered in metropolitan Washington, D.C., Keystone's experience ranges across the globe and through all industry sectors.

Our team offers a broad range of experience derived from operating in elite service to federal government, military, law enforcement, corporate and private sectors. With backgrounds ranging from special operations to Fortune 100's, we are as diverse and as accomplished as the clientele we serve.


Keystone's Managing Partners serve as its principal consultants, engaging directly with clients at all levels of project management to ensure success.  Our team hails from the United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. military special operations and Fortune 100 corporate security at operational, supervisory and managerial levels of service. With decades of unparalleled crisis and security operations and management experience, Keystone consultants are unmatched at providing the best, anywhere, to discriminating clients.

Michael W. Pukish, Managing Partner


With two decades of operational experience in over ninety countries and a record of success working at the highest levels, Michael is a proven professional with experience in the most elite of protective services. He is regarded for his expertise in the areas of risk and crisis management, corporate security and executive protection, consultation and support. A former lieutenant in the fire service, Michael served for a decade as the Global Operations Manager for one of the world’s largest supplies retail companies before joining the U.S. Secret Service where he was selected to operator, team leader and primary Instructor within the Special Operations Division. Michael was then recruited from the Secret Service to establish a corporate security and executive protection program for an international data analytics corporation before cofounding The Keystone Group, delivering unparalleled consulting services as a partner and  principal consultant. Michael studied International Affairs with a concentration in Globalization and Human Security at American Military University.

Gregory R. Sullivan, Managing Partner


Gregory first served two decades with the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC, with 16 years as a line and supervisory-grade homicide detective competitively selected to  Critical Incident Team, Secret Service and FBI task forces. Gregory worked closely with numerous federal, state and international agencies in pursuit of complex criminal investigations, managing high-profile critical incidents and public crises. Gregory subsequently established a private security services firm providing broad-range support to at-risk corporations, executives, and foreign dignitaries. He was then hired by a Fortune 200 company to jointly found a corporate security program before departing to cofound The Keystone Group. Here, Gregory enjoys developing unique solutions to special risks for discriminating clients around the globe. Gregory holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from George Mason University and has completed thousands of hours of training in management, leadership, law enforcement operations, private security, corporate, aviation and maritime safety and security operations.

Jason W. Wells, Senior Consultant


 A former Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service, Mr. Wells was charged with protecting Presidents Obama, Bush (41 and 43), Clinton and Carter, as well as their families and numerous other dignitaries. Author of “Our Path To Safety: A U.S. Secret Service Agent’s Guide To Creating Safe Communities,” Jason left the Service to form the National Advancements for Proactive Safety, a 501(c) committed to educating the public in behavioral threat identification and assessment, specializing in developing reporting systems for education systems and businesses to mitigate behavioral risks. Jason created The OA2 ® Methodology system used to train the public to Observe, Assess, Act ® upon behavioral risks and has been published in Forbes, Huffington Post and Slate. A former U.S. Coast Guard officer, Jason holds an M.S. in Strategic Security and Protection Management from Henley Putnam University and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Strategic Security. 

W. Dale Anderson, Senior Consultant


A retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former U.S. Army Special Forces officer with nearly 30 years of crisis management and operational planning experience, Dale was a founding member of the federal interagency Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, where he provided operational oversight as the Crisis Negotiations Supervisor. He has responded both domestically and abroad in support of kidnapping and hostage rescue operations.  While serving with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as an Operator and Special Mission Planner, Dale deployed to numerous high-risk arrest and aggressive counterterrorism operations.  Dale has participated in security and response planning for National Security Special Events to include national level political events and world championship level sporting events.  He has also served in supervisory roles with the FBI’s International Operations Division and the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center.