Corporate Security Services


Enterprise Security Risk Management

We create and integrate policies and programs to ensure a broad spectrum of shareholder's interests are addressed through physical and non-physical risk mitigation, with a nod to internal culture.


Crisis Response

Keystone provides comprehensive crisis response services including preparedness, training, response, public communications and inter-agency & family liaison. 


Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Our experience includes assessing  the  highest profile global events attended by the most visible world leaders at the most complex sites. For corporate & residential security assessments, look no further than Keystone.  

Intelligence, Due Diligence & Investigations


Global Intelligence

Critical events, emerging trends, evolving legal landscapes, political environments & natural hazards are only some of the risks your business face. Global intelligence enables you to keep ahead of harm's way.


Due Diligence

Who you do business with - and where that business is conducted - can affect more than your bottom line. Keystone provides the information needed for  entities to make sound choices amid complex relationships and terrains .



Sound investigative practices improve  confidence in management, foster safe environments and mitigate costly litigation. Whether your business requires  investigative support, polices, or training, Keystone is your answer.

Estate, Aviation & Maritime Security


Estate Security Management

Keystone is an experienced estate security manager, conducting  risk assessments, designing and implementing site security policies and plans, vetting & training domestic staff  and implementing residential security programs. 


Aviation Safety & Security

Holding aviation safety certifications satisfying FAA, CAR and IS-BAO, we understand your security team should contribute to your aviation department's safety plans, practices and operations.


Maritime Safety & Security

Keystone's maritime experience enables a deep understanding of the unique safety and security matters facing private fleet operations. Our consultants hold crew maritime safety certifications recognized by the International Maritime Organization.

Protective Services


Security Management

Our Security Management services draw from our extensive National Security Special Event experience with comprehensive safety & security planning, operations and delivery across platforms for stakeholders and events of all sizes. 


Executive Protection

Keystone specialists seamlessly blend high-end protective services within corporate culture and family lifestyle, with a commitment to value-plus service.


Traveler Safety

Our journey management services include options for safety training, corporate guidelines, close protection services, tracking, global intelligence, logistics, transportation, medical evacuation and localized  quick response teams for any crisis.



Professional Development

Keystone training opportunities include specialized programs tailored to organizational and individual needs across our services suite.