Frequently Asked Questions


What is Keystone's mission statement?

"The Keystone Group is committed to enterprise-wide security risk solutions that promote strength through resiliency, longevity and profitability."

What differentiates the Keystone Group?

Our team possesses both operational and managerial experience within our services suite across public safety and private security sectors at the highest levels within the most elite organizations and for the most elite clients. As a result, we understand that while risk-awareness is a culture that must be fostered top-down, it is only effective with buy-in from the bottom-up.  Many competitors approach enterprise risk with a 'boardroom first' mentality.  We see solutions in a 'mailroom first' approach, for it is your line-employees who make coherent security policies into effective security program.   

Where has Keystone provided services?

The Keystone Group and its principal consultants have provided a range of high-level government, corporate and family office risk services in over 90 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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What industries does Keystone serve?

Keystone's business clients originate in the Natural Resources, Manufacturing & Construction, Services and Information-based industry sectors. Our private clients are hail from the ultra-high net-worth (UHNW) sector of  family-office enterprises.

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